Katerina Bohac

Katerina Bohac Linares, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She began her studies in Architecture at the Universidad de los Andes in Merida, and then switched to Visual Arts at the same university. She finished the art studies at the Armando Reverón Institute of Caracas, where she graduated with a Masters degree in Arts, with a ceramic art mention.

Currently she is living in the city of Prague, Czech Republic where she has founded Latin Art Gallery to promote Latin American Culture and International Art in Europe. Katerina is an art lover, and she is passionate about the different human artistic creations. She believes in art to be the expressions of our times, and she knows about the importance of appreciating and living with art. In previous years she was choosing the best Latin American artists and art expressions to promote them and create an important and solid collection in central Europe.
Today she is completely dedicated to producing and promoting her own art expressions.

KBSV is the fusion between Katerina Bohac and Sujana Villafane, an architect. The style developed by these two creators is Geometric - Abstract. In their Artworks, various geometric elements are represented combined with the abstract painting. The golden color represents the light and highlights the elegance and simplicity of the basic forms. This minimal representation is enhanced by the complexity of the colors mixed in an organic way, representing a plastic investigation that is nourished with each artwork.

+420 732 263 602

Katarina Bohac

katybohac@gmail.com      |      +420 732 263 602      |      www.katerinabohac.com
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